Wired Preview: Be a Massively Multiplayer Mayor in Cities XL

Wired writes: "You'll finally be able to take your fiscal skills and pit them against like-minded mayors in Cities XL, as the latest iteration of the City Life series for the PC drifts into the realm of MMOs.

I got a chance to look at an early build of Monte Cristo Games' city-builder title last week, and it looks to be shaping up quite nicely.

The genre hasn't evolved much since Sim City established the basic rules: Plop down a few industrial, commercial and residential zones, sit around (or hit the fast-forward button) till they matriculate, collect taxes to buy a few roads, and zone more areas until you have the funds to keep the expansion process going. Eventually you'll establish a brimming metropolis, and maybe toss in a disaster or two to see how well your city-planning skills hold."

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