Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe Green Lantern render presents a new high quality render from Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe this time showing DC character Green Lantern.

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El_Colombiano3869d ago

I thought Green Lantern was black?

sanamsingh493869d ago

you don't know anything about comic books
there are 5 different green lanterns in the dc universe

here is a list of all green lanterns:

juuken3869d ago

Yeah, I think the ring that Green Lantern uses passes on to other people? Lol...I am so out of it with Marvel and DC these days. I forgot some history. :/

rhood0223869d ago

The more mainstream GL, i.e. the one from the cartoon, IS black. His name is John Stewart.


Well, I'm a GL fan (the only comic I read), or "nerd" and you are correct. It passes on if 1) the lantern dies or 2) is unable to perform

However, there are currently 4 active Earth-based GLs. Although two are on Earth and two on OA (the home planet of the GL Corp). Then there is Alan Scott, who is GL in name only.


On topic,

I'm disappointed that it's Hal. I hope that there are alternative costumes that re-skins the model to by Kyle, Guy or John. Since the cast of characters is so low, I would think it would be possible.

juuken3869d ago

Ah, so I was right. :3
Nothing wrong with being a Green Lantern nerd rhood. Green Lantern is one of my favorite superheroes anyway.

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