Battlefield 2142 Interview

CVG join senior producer Marcus Nilsson for an insight into the future of Battlefield warfare! D.I.C.E.'s Battlefield series is rightly acclaimed as one of the most detailed and authentic MMO FPS ever conceived and if you're a Battlefield fan, it can't have escaped your notice that a brand new version of the fearsome franchise is heading your way this autumn after making a big splash at this year's E3. Eschewing the historical conflicts of the past, the new Battlefield 2142 catapults you into the near-ish future, where a new ice age grips the planet and EU and Pan Asian Coalition forces clash over control of ever-diminishing natural resources. It's quite a departure for the series, so CVG has tracked down senior producer Marcus Nilsson who's heading up the game and subject him to a gentle but thorough CVG probing.

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MoonDust6203d ago

I was majorly disappointed.

Tsalagi6203d ago

I never cared for single player mode in battlefield games. What's the online mode going to be like? Is it going to be just futuristic looking weapons with the same functions as their current counterparts and the same classes of soldiers? Please give us some cool new weapons and more than a couple classes of soldiers.