New PlayStation Games for 2/2/2016

Posted by Ryan Clements on Jan 31, 2016 // Social Media Specialist
The Drop

Gravity, ghosts, and gunplay! It’s a huge week in the world of PlayStation with more than 10 new games launching this Tuesday. Leading the pack is a familiar (and still exhilarating) adventure: Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4.

Gravity Rush Remastered follows the mysterious young hero Kat and her incredible, gravity-defying powers. Traverse a beautiful city in all directions with full 1080p HD visuals, performance improvements, and — of course — DualShock 4 support. As a bonus, all the original DLC packs from the PS Vita version come packed in the Remastered edition.

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Germany72560d ago

Pre-ordered already Gravity Rush, few hours to go!

Eonjay2560d ago

An amazing week for PlayStation.

Ruggadagod2560d ago

Gonna need them new list of PSNOW games Sony.

Papafynn2560d ago

You use PSNow? How is it? Is it reliable?

Ruggadagod2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

It's pretty great. I've beaten about 8 games already and played some more but didn't finish those. I thought it would be trash but it's a very quality streaming service. Feels just like playing on a PS3. I subscribed to the 1 month for $20 and am very satisfied. Very underrated service. Just finished bioshock 1 and it pretty much ran perfectly. Just try the free 7 day trial. Make sure to turn off automatic renewal in your PS4 settings.

Junebug2560d ago

Different experience on the ps vita did I mention.*

Ruggadagod2560d ago

I don't have a Vita. Why would I buy one?

Sly-Lupin2559d ago

I find the best reasons to buy a Vita are:

1. To play Playstation Vita games.
2. To play Playstation One games.
3. To play Playstation Portable games.
4. To play Playstation 4 games.
5. To use as an emergency floodlight in case of power outages.

sanosukegtr1232560d ago

Nxt week is naruto & dying light ehance version but if you already own dying light and have the season pass its free. Plus 2nd of feb is the 1st released dlc of BO3.

Geobros2560d ago

Another big week for sony consoles, specially for PS4. I am giving credit to Crypt of the NecroDancer, I will start with that one.

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