Worms Xbox 360 Version - First 27 Screenshots

Worms on Xbox 360 is currently being developed and might hit Xbox Live sooner than you expect. Rumors say the game is coming in januari after the CES.

Today Team 17 released the first screenshots of Worms for the Xbox 360. The game has received a graphical update and is looking pretty good. That will be a of lot playing with friends on Xbox Live!

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Nodoze4314d ago

When is that? I know when JanuarY is, but Januari sounds like a new month....perhaps only in a leap year?

devv054314d ago

Wow a typo. But I can't edit anymore, so I hope you can live with it.

nice_cuppa4314d ago

you'll pay for that.........

oh dear !

BIadestarX4314d ago

I'm glad microsoft introduced the arcade concept which it's also being implemented by Sony and Nintendo otherwise game like this (i.e. sidescrollers, 2D, etc) would never be released for next gen consoles; at least in this shape or form.