Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for February 2016 any good?

Neil writes "The Xbox Games With Gold scheme very rarely fails to deliver. Since it’s inception, there have been a ton of games given away on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. With the latest Xbox 360 titles now becoming backwards compatible on the bigger more powerful console, the program has seemingly moved up another gear. But ultimately, Games With Gold will be judged on the quality of the free titles being given away. With that in mind, is February 2016 any good?"

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T1ttyMunch3r1044d ago ShowReplies(3)
Pogmathoin1044d ago

Games are free.... Free games..... Getting it? Sure they will not appeal to everyone, everytime.... Buuut, free games....

Pogmathoin1043d ago

Insult me all you want, but if your a member, its free.... Before you got nothing.....

oKidUKo1044d ago

X1 are decent offerings

Christopher1043d ago

Not every month can be a winner. It's not a bad offering, just not as good as the last two months. I'm fine with that.

FlexLuger1043d ago

I agree with septic, though styx is descent. But I bought it in an XBL sale for 8 bucks ages ago. Not really into the card game, so its a "meh" from me too. They could have given away shovel knight or nero or something instead. And I already got gears 2 on BC.

TheColbertinator1044d ago

If you played Gears 2 already then...we'll just wait for March

InMyOpinion1044d ago

It's kind of a weird game to offer. Anyone who owned a 360 and was remotely interested in shooters has probably already played it to death.

GordonKnight1044d ago

It 's nice to add it to my digital collection though. Now, i've got all the Gears games digitally.

donthate1044d ago

I already have Gears 2 several times over as a Gear head, but this should revive the game a little.

1043d ago
InMyOpinion1044d ago

Got Styx for free on the PS4 and hoped it would be fun. Sadly it wasn't.

Deathdeliverer1043d ago

Holy shit that game is terrible isn't it? Stayed on my ps4 for about three agonizing levels/missions. It should come with a warning and disclaimer.

rdgneoz31043d ago

Yah, I tried to get into it. Was hoping it'd get better after the first level or 2, but it was meh.

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The story is too old to be commented.