IGN: Tomb Raider Underworld Thailand Hands-on

IGN writes: "We've been tracking down the latest exploits of gaming's favorite archeologist for almost a year now, getting only a glimpse at Lara Croft's latest adventure. While we've gone from the ruins of Mexico to the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, we've been somewhat hampered in our previous demos to control Ms. Croft herself and physically experience the new "What Would Lara Do" design philosophy that promises to make this game as groundbreaking as Tomb Raider Legend was. Fortunately, we were recently given the chance to address this problem by running through the Leipzig demo level of Thailand, which was an ample proving ground of puzzle solving, agility-testing jumps and dangerous combat with "native inhabitants." The demo also gave us a better insight into segments of the plot itself and the potential danger that Lara faces in her search for an incredible relic."

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