Games of 2016

Trent from Zero1gaming takes a look at some of the games coming out this year that are high on his To Do list.

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DarXyde1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Amen, brother.

If 5 can be even better than 4, I might get an Atlus tattoo. The delay, to me, means they're quite serious about the quality of the next numbered entry after 4. And I'm sure you agree, those are some crazy big shoes to fill.

Considering its being delayed by an entire year, I can't even imagine what it has in store, but I can't wait, even though I have to.

Ruggadagod1963d ago

PS4 games I really want to play that are coming in 2016

Dark Souls 3
Star Ocean 5
Neptunia VII
Street Fighter V
Uncharted 4
Final Fantasy XV

I'm not sure how I always end up wanting RPGs most of the time I don't even mean to.

DefenderOfDoom21963d ago

DOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark_Crow1962d ago

We happy few
NiOh *
Nier *
Shadow of the beast *
Uncharted *
Dark souls 3 *
Doom **
Dishonored 2 *
Quantum break **
Gears 4 **
Persona *
Legend of Zelda *
Starfox *
Mass effect
Robinson the journey
Shadow warrior 2 *

That's my list. Asterisks are games I'm def buying without question.