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Zoonyarts "Brutal Half-Life" is what happens when you mix "Half-Life" with "Brutal Doom". And that combination is a really good one, and this is the reason why.

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breakpad1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

they should have integrated the weapons from Counter Strike 1.1 and then remake HF to Brutal.. CS weapons would have added realism ,variety, enjoyable gameplay and interest to replay the game without wandering off from the original feeling and atmosphere of HF

TGG_overlord1859d ago

I agree on that, and I thought about it while playing "Brutal Half-Life" as well. Good point!

Simon_the_sorcerer1859d ago

I think it´s about time for me to make a return to Half-Life 1. Let´s go brutal Mr. Gordon Freeman! xD

TGG_overlord1859d ago

Be sure to follow the install instructions though, so that you don´t end up having a half-broken game ;)

BongSmack1858d ago

HEY! That's Dr. Gordon Gordon Freeman.

DefenderOfDoom21859d ago

Damn, i need a PC to game on . Between this and John Romero's first original DOOM level in 20 years in need a PC rig .

TGG_overlord1858d ago

I feel you mate, my brother bought this Gaming rig one month ago: