Negative World GOTY 2015 Awards - Nintendo Wii U

Andrew from NW says: "The Wii U in 2015 arguably lacked that one killer game that stands above the rest, but that made for an interesting GOTY battle for once! Some new IPs and some old friends combined to make a decent, if a bit slow year for the Wii U."

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Geobros991d ago

Agree, agree and agree! Great list there. I cant wait for Yooka game! Old good Rare will revive with that game....

The 10th Rider991d ago

Splatoon is easily the Wii U's game of the year. Yes, it failed to stand above the rest when it came out...But since then it's had an astounding amount of free updates and it's only one of the best games of the year altogether (I wouldn't call it overall game of the year for all consoles, easily top 10, though.) There's a reason it's winning online multiplayer and shooter game of the year awards from various sites.

TheVigilanteCode991d ago

"The Wii U in 2015 arguably lacked that one killer game that stands above the rest"

Looks like someone hasn't played Xenoblade Chronicles X.

iplay1up2991d ago

My original file has 110 hours.started a new one playing a new one. Fantastic game. My personal GOTY!

Derpy989d ago

I agree, Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of the best games this gen. It's my favorite open world RPG of this generation yet. It's quite capable of standing up against the top contenders in this category on the other two systems.