Blizzard Answers StarCraft 2 Questions - Batch 43

Totalling over 230 answered questions, the official Starcraft 2 Q&A series has now reached number 43. This edition kicks off with the community manager Karune telling us what the Development team is currently working on: "the development team is working extremely hard on the single player campaign".

After the introduction he goes on by answering 5 community questions concerning Anti-Gravity & the Protoss Colossus, Critter attack animations, the Zerg Infestor, Art changes and a load of information on Zerg v.s. Zerg matches.

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SCFreelancer3740d ago

Its a really good sign that they are now really focussing on the games' singleplayer campaign. This very fact suggests that they are now working towards a release.

I don't think the game will be released this year, but it should be early next year for sure ;) (I don't have any official source for this claim, its my best guess).

kalos3740d ago

I hope so too. I expect the game's development to be nearing the end of its cycle, and within 12 months having our hands on it. Once again nothing offical to back that on, it just appears that way from my observation.

Leord3740d ago

Well, ofc there ARE no official sources, but I think you are right. Both from what we know of the development, and after playing it. Putting 2+2 together isn't that hard.

Basically they have said they would do SP last, and when we last talked to them they were 30% through. If they are still that active, they should be 50% or so now, and that means they just gonna polish stuff more and then release. A <6 month release date seems likely.

player_729853740d ago

I definetly love these Q&A Batches - definetly prove to be a good & useful read. The single player info is definetly awesome from this article, is definetly getting me excited for SC2!

Leord3740d ago

I wonder how much extra publicity the game has received with these QA batches... Perhaps this is the way of the future of development?

SCFreelancer3740d ago

I think these batches are a great way of keeping us up to date.

As for the single player campaign: I think Starcraft I and its expansion had one of the best single player campaigns I have ever played. I must have gone through it more then 10 times now and I still like it!

Its probably no surprise if I tell you that SP is going to be the first thing I am going to play? :)

Wuushu3740d ago

Awesome, more please :)

Maticus3740d ago

How long has this game been in production? Years it seems.

SCFreelancer3740d ago

Well, it has only been roughly a year since it was officially announced, but the cycle itself is ongoing ever since the last game was released (conceptually). Actual development started when they got their act together after the WoW storm.

TheIneffableBob3740d ago

Development started after they finished The Frozen Throne. So 2003/2004.