Q&A: Tyson Green Halo 3 Multiplayer Design Lead on online gaming

GamePro recently sat down with Bungie's Multiplayer Design Lead on Halo 3, Tyson Green, to talk about Halo and the state of online gaming.

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pshizle5254d ago

kill yourself 3 times then you should get booted!!!

bungie is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!

Marriot VP5254d ago

de-leveling is so rare

after countless halo 2 online hours since launch I've only ran into 2-3 de-levelers.

TheMART5254d ago

"To us, 16 players is already kind of a crowd, and in Halo, we'd rather not scale down our art, blow out our maps, and throttle back our bandwidth usage so we can write "64 Players!" on the box."

That's where it all comes down to.

Screaming adds for Resistance with the number of gamers online isn't important. The actual gameplay and fun is more important.

That's why Gears with 4x4 is more fun then 40 people against each other. And having 24 players in COD3 is more then enough