NZGamer: Castle Crashers Preview

NZGamer writes: "Save up those Xbox Live points, the people that brought us the sublime Alien Hominid (the game not the forum member) are back! Once again Behemoth are taking an old school genre, adding funky visuals and a whole lot of their own damn quirkiness to make a game that's all about fun.

Setting off with up to three other players, Castle Crashers plays out similar to games such as Golden Axe. As characters progress through the game, they will level up and learn new skill sets. Each character has different attributes and battling through the game co-op looks to be a huge amount of fun. Oh, and did I mention there's all kinds of medieval weaponry?"

The Good: Promises to bring back old-school gameplay

The Bad: Multiplayer should be a blast, hopefully not at the cost of single-player

The Ugly: When your controller ends up wedged in your mate's cranium

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