UGO: BattleForge hands-on impressions

UGO writes: "Innovation in the real-time strategy genre is a rare occurrence. Controls and rules are always tweaked of course, but actual wholesale changes are few and far between. We've been reading here and there about Electronic Arts' upcoming card-based PC RTS BattleForge for some time now, but we got to witness it firsthand last week at the publisher's annual Studio Showcase in Redwood Shores, California. Cast aside any preconceptions you may possess about the genre right now, for EA Phenomic's BattleForge is equal parts Battle for Middle-Earth, Magic: The Gathering Online, Shadow of the Colossus and Facebook. …say what?!

The core game in BattleForge is pure RTS, with players moving units (or groups of units) around and attacking others by selecting owned ones and right-clicking on the target location. Some units also possess special abilities, which can be activated by clicking on a convenient text box which pops up whenever the cursor hovers over that unit. Build locations – such as crumbled castle walls and easy-to-spot resource towers – are similarly interactive, with build options appearing when the area is clicked on."

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