Fable Legends Xbox One Using Asynchronous Compute And Efficient Multi-threaded Rendering

It's not much of a looker, but it uses some pretty impressive tech.

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Volkama2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Gamingbolt have resorted to trying to extract and twist flamebait "hot topic" quotes from other websites' interviews as well now? :|

frostypants2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

The hilarious part is "asynchronous computing" is a fundamental aspect of both the PS4 and One and most if not all games leverage it by default. Gamingbolt is so damn stupid. Bunch of click-whoring clowns over there.

And for the millionth time, why the hell haven't they been banned from N4G, despite being far worse than others who have?!

Edit: DOWNVOTE their site! Click "" under "Read full story" and vote accordingly.

Volkama2068d ago

Agree on the sentiment about gamingbolt, but a-sync compute is actually still very much in it'a infancy. There are only a handful of games using it.

We should start seeing it leveraged a lot more this year, which is exciting. Specially on the PS4 side, where it is emphasised quite heavily in the hardware.

jukins2068d ago

Very few games gave actually used async compute. Until now most devs have just been brute forcing their games. I think this year well see alot more

omegaheat2068d ago

The answer to your question is clear. The reason Gamingbolt hasn't been banned is because both N4g and Gamingbolt benefit from these ridiculous recycled flaimebait topics. It's all about money. I'm sure the company that prints every copy of "The Enquire" tabloid wouldn't stop printing even though they acknowledge the magazine profits from lies and rumors. N4g should be the one's held responsible for this ridiculous war of consoles this generation. I've been playing videogames since the Sega Master System and NES console war, but this generation is the worst I've seen.

meche3342068d ago

A-Sync Compute was just recently enabled on the Xbox one

rainslacker2068d ago


If that were true, we'd still have GG articles around these parts.

More likely reason is despite their clickbaityness, they actually do report from actual industry pros, and while their info is fan boy fodder, it's still information worth knowing if you actually know how to discern it without the fan boy colored goggles on.

That being said, we wouldn't lose much if they were gone from N4G. None of the comment sections for their articles are terribly productive, and tend to be people who already made up their minds throwing out their console preference.

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mark_parch2068d ago

i see they managed to get a few low blows in as usual as its an xbox one game, lol.
"not much of a looker" i've played the beta and its gorgeous.

frostypants2068d ago

Yeah, I haven't played it but what I've seen looks pretty damn good graphically.

TheCommentator2068d ago

I agree. Remember when it was talked about that DX12/Win 10 was required for true multithreading, where all cores communicate simultaneously with the GPU? Fable Legends is the first game to use DX12 on XB1, and is the only game on the system I am aware of that is using this feature. Up until now, all cores on XB1 had to communicate through a "traffic cop", while PS4 always had an API closer to the metal than Vulkan to do what Fable is.

AngelicIceDiamond2068d ago

I have to disagree this is the best looking Fable game to date. SO glad they delayed it and are taking there time with this game.

3-4-52068d ago

Gamingbolt is a trash site full of people willing to exploit and mislead in order to get clicks.

Don't give them the clicks.

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YinYangGaming2068d ago

Wait "it's not much of a looker" lol the game is beautiful graphically speaking

OC_MurphysLaw2068d ago

Yeah, not sure where they say "it's not much of a looker". The game is running absolutely beautiful. There is a lot to like about this game and certainly some choice made early on I didn't care for. I haven't touched it in a while but my understanding is they are now introducing an actual story as opposed to before where it was just a MP / Coop arena like battle.

MCTJim2068d ago

I also agree. The game looks fantastic and they just had a content update this morning for it. Content Update CU19 Deadlier than ever

christocolus2068d ago

And they just announced a new character a few hours ago. There are a total of 9 or 10 characters now that's a lot more than they previously announced at the reveal.

mark_parch2068d ago

you should check out the beta again. they have made huge improvements over the last few months

christocolus2068d ago

I totally agree. Lol. The game looks really good.

gangsta_red2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I agree, this game may not be on the top of my Must Have list but it looks absolutely gorgeous.

I'll definitely download it and give it a try. I'm curious about the whole concept and the villain role of the game. Thanks for the info.

Kribwalker2068d ago

I'm in the beta, it's really nice looking and it's been improving a lot every update. And good thing it's free, so it doesn't have to be hgh on your list to warrant a download and dime play time. I've found it pretty fun since I tried it

Immorals2068d ago

I've played since the earlier stages of the beta and it's always been a pretty game.

Gamingbolt is 'the Sun' of gaming sites..

frostypants2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

That's more of an insult to "The Sun".

Edit: LOL...the gamingbolt guys are lurking here. NOBODY LIKES YOUR SITE.

frostypants2068d ago

You don't get it. You see, this way, they can troll the people who know it's a good looking game, AND troll the people who know that their technology babble is pretty meaningless BS. They can stealth-troll everyone with a single headline. Such is gamingbolt.

Kribwalker2068d ago

Do you think they do round table discussions on how they can accomplish that feat?

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DethWish2068d ago

Impressive tech..? It's not HARD to do multithreading or gpu compute (as long as the machine supports it).. You just have to figure out what you want to use it for.

frostypants2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Next you'll be telling me that leveraging RAM isn't a spectacular feature.

"This game uses CPU cycles!"

DethWish2068d ago

That's basicly what it sounds like to me. So dx12 allows you to use functions calls to send shader input data from multiple threads instead of just one. I'm thinking its directx that's impressive then and not the usage of directx features. Am I wrong?

DethWish2068d ago

Same thing with gpu compute. You're basically asking the gpu to calculate/perform something instead of having the cpu do it.

Voids2068d ago



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