UGO: Skate 2 hands-on preview

UGO writes: "After EA Black Box altered perceptions of what a skateboarding sim could be with 2007's Skate, is it really any surprise that they'll be back with a second helping in Skate 2? The "when" remains a bit murky right now, but the sequel was certainly looking right at EA's Studio Showcase last week. Flick-It controls return with some added tweaks to keep things interesting while new features – including the much-asked-for ability to step off of the board – give the slightly remodeled city of New San Vanellona a fresh feel.

Although our demo focused primarily on Skate 2's new and altered mechanics, we did talk a little bit of story. It seems that in the five years since the events of the upcoming Skate It, mega-corporations have moved in to kill all of the fun for the city's skater population. Trick lines have been eradicated, with the only evidence of their former existence being scattered remnants spaced too far apart to do a skateboard any good."

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