NES Retro Gaming PC (Video)

"Windows XP on your Nintendo Entertainment System? What if it meant you could play all of your favorite games without ever having to blow into the ass end of a cartridge ever again? Now we're talking!

Hit the jump for a video showing the retro PC in action."

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Zahaladeen3738d ago

...I guess jobs aren't for everybody. That must have taken some time.

Would I have it done? No. But then again I don't live in my parents basement either.

Nostradavis3738d ago

Ah come on, you can't knock the kids skill. That is an amazing mod.

mirroredderorrim3738d ago

This mod makes me weep like 5 year old punks losing to bowser, circa 1986.

moja3737d ago

I could see adding an internal wireless usb kb/mouse receiver and using it to play some older PC games as well as surf the internet. I may consider this for an upcoming project.

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