Warhammer on the Console

Much like Mark Jacobs intentionally vague words regarding the Electronic Arts acquisition of Mythic weeks before the announcement. The discussion of bringing Warhammer Online age of Reckoning to the console has been equally vague. Originally discussed last year when a Mythic employee's personal online resume listed his responsibilities as a console developer. More rumblings occurred when at E3 they showed a playable version of the game on a console.

But now there's an interesting job opening at EA Mythic...

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nice_cuppa5243d ago

me is a lazy gobbo.....
pc is for clever girly elvses ......
ps3 cost too much me need all goblars clans teeth .. not for me...
xbox work good me wants that one, waahhhhhh !

InSpectre5243d ago

MMO's are starting to get big space wise. I'm not sure how big Warhammer will be, but Sigil's Vanguard beta takes up *20 Gigabytes* of HDD space. I'd imagine that Warhammer might need at least half of that, probably more.

I'm glad PS3 users will be able to add more disk space easily. We'll need it!