Ramza Beoulve in Dissidia Final Fantasy Gets First Screenshots

Ramza Beoulve will make his appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy on February 4th in Japanese arcades, but Square Enix released three screenshots to give a glimpse on how he’ll look.

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FallenAngel1984996d ago

Oh wow I can't wait to see what other protagonist from Final Fantasy spin offs will be included, as well as when all the previous Dissidia characters will be added to the cast.

I can't wait until this game gets eventually announced for PS4

Hoffmann996d ago

Ramza finally has a nose now. He is like the Turtles!

wodan996d ago

Where is Ramza? i only see a girl with his cloth.

phoenixwing995d ago

I have to say even for a final fantasy game that character design looks way too femme. I mean damn.