Rare to deploy all their Fall offerings on Leipzig's GC

The german Games Convention of Leizpig has progressively gained relevance as one of the main events of the gaming industry each Summer to the detriment of the dying E3. And despite Rare not likely showing anything new, this year Rare will find it the perfect place to deploy all their offerings for this Fall, including updated versions of the recent demos from the American showcases.

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kinggeoff3809d ago

we know how to spell leipzig

DarkSniper3809d ago

What's Rare is this corporation making a decent game. Their glory days from the Nintnendo 64 era are far from gone. Combine their lackluster talent with Microsoft's incohesiveness and you're left with an enormous pile of green manure.

Sony was very strategic in not purchasing this company when Rare was available for hire. Microsoft's purchase of the company was a clear, desperate attempt at trying to make something of themselves. As Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero showed, it didnt work.


Bombibomb3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Bubba Queerzooie: Nutz and Balls brings NOTHING new to the table. Everything they're doing for this latest installment has been done before. Oh WOW you could customize your own vehicles! REVOLUTIONARY man, you TOTALLY can't do that in LBP!

SmokingMonkey3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

i agree, RARE hasn't made anything good since Goldeneye, it's obvious to see where their talent went to. FREE RADICAL...and before anyone brings up HAZE i say to you TIMESPLITTERS and HAZE>PERFECTDARK360

Lumbo3809d ago

Now THAT is a professional journalist, he knows how to spell the location ... oh wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.