CTV Review – Too Human For The Xbox 360

Too Human offers a futuristic take on Norse Mythology. The land of ice and snow has become a post-apocalyptic world shrouded in nuclear winter. Supernatural monsters have given way to self-aware machines and adventuring gods, blessed with superhuman abilities are now military heroes, enhanced with cybernetic technologies. Where the ancient Scandinavian tales explored the line that exists between mere men and those whose actions would lead them to immortality, Silicon Knights uses the legends to ask if the line between humanity and technology might not one day disappear. Should our species grow and evolve naturally as it has so far or will technology change the course of evolution forever? What is the real natural order? Very early in the game you are asked to pick a side, to choose between representing cybernetics or pure humanity. Neither choice changes the story, there are no different "paths" to explore, just different choices in weapons and armor. The villains are cybernetic while the humans are innocent and the gods you play as rest somewhere in between. Sadly, the game doesn't really discuss the interesting questions it poses, and quickly falls into the usual battle between Good versus Evil.

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TheMART3711d ago

Ofcourse he meant the score of this review...

Hentai3711d ago

The score is TOO LOW!!

Pain3710d ago

- But but but!!!!
Its on da XBox!!! has to be good....

my copy button is broke.

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silverchode3711d ago

i expect most of the sites to give this game a 6.75-7

solsub3711d ago

Since when does CTV review games?

jamilion3711d ago

Fox news, they saw that fox got more publicity than they deserve for video game related news, that is why they are doing this.

Canadians at home and abroad please stick to CBC as your #1 "news" source and full time Olympic coverage.

kinggeoff3711d ago

actually watches the olympics. What a giant flaming joke

Chubear3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

... since networks realised the video game industry a 55 billion dollar industry and is rivaling movies for digital entertainment.

The shameless twats. At least VGs are positioning to be known as a legit major form of entertainment now so I guess I'm happy about that... THE SHAMELESS TWATS!

Willio3711d ago

The Olympics is a great drinking game. Why the animosity?

kinggeoff3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

due to political unrest, the extreme bias of the IOC, and the fact that it acts as a huge distraction from the real problems (read: russia/georgia) that are becoming more and more severe by the day

fwiw if i could just chill on the beach in porto alegre sipping caipirinhas... that is deffffinitely where i'd be ;)

Bubble Buddy3711d ago

Soon friggin MTV and MuchMusic will do game reviews...
On the other hand, Michael Phelps is aquaman!!!

Willio3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Not to get on your case but i dont see why the Olympics is so "evil." If you want to be a political activist, go for it. If you want to read and watch horrible daily stories; then pretend you care, watch American news. This is a gaming webportal, not politics.

Bubble Buddy - Micheal Phelps is aquaman. Can't agree more. He alone made me take 14 shots.

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power of Competence3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

"....and a video game doesn’t have to be anything more to entertain."

Sigh. Sounds like one of those reject television tech guys who think they know a lot. I havent seen CTV review video games, yet they're one of the first to review Too Human, weird.

I actually feel pretty bad for SK, they put a lot of time into it for a mediocre result. Sometimes I question what they were doing through the 4 year development period. For any game to come out after such a long dev cycle and not meet expectations is odd. Especially given SK's history.

EDIT: Do people actually think Im power of Green? In case you didnt realize I'm insulting him with my username. Impersonating poG? Wow. All I'm doing is giving my opinion of whats been going on with Too Human. Just because I personally happened to have hopes for this game, that means im a biased idiot who posts propaganda to support his own console? Sigh.

So then if it has nothing to do with my post why are you replying? It just deters people away from the point of the article. Who cares what I want to do with my username.

zo6_lover273711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I wonder who you are.


Impersonating POG is an insult to yourself. You should stop

I was talking about how your name is remarkably similar to his and so is your avatar, it has nothing to do with your comment.
Your pretty much impersonating him, its not exactly the smartest thing to do, same with impersonating someone to insult them, i've seen so many Xbots do it and I really don't want to see someone else stoop down that low.

I'm just saying you shouldn't impersonate someone.

The Lazy One3711d ago

was spent remaking the engine. The development time probably would have been about half what it was otherwise.

Also, they put the time in with a trilogy in mind. Don't look at it as 4 years for 1 game, but 8-10 years for 3 games. The work they've done so far will make sequels a lot easier, so in that sense it kind of counts as dev time towards the whole series, not just this game alone.

Mc1873711d ago

Your grammar is much better,and your thought process seems quite competent.

dachiefsman3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

POG can at times be over the line, but hey you lowered yourself to his standards when you made that account.

10+ internets to you!

Mao3711d ago

Mc187 that was great!

KBDuB3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

You shouldn't use "xBots" in the gamer zone!
Oh, and, don't even start talking about "xBots" impersonating someone else. Maybe you should look over the hillside, bro.

Phil Harrison, Kaz Hiria, Bill Gates, Ken Kutagari, Microsoft_Spokesman, Chris Hansen, Lord Shuhei Yoshida, Shane Kim.

Guess what side they ALL pledge loyalty(their life) to?

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pp3711d ago

This isn't HAZE that its going to get 6.75-7

Thoas3711d ago

The first of many Xbox 360 first party flops.

Bombibomb3711d ago

"First" of many?

Tenchu Z
Ninety Nine Nights
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Perfect Dark Zero
Hour of Victory
Vampire Rain
Two Worlds
Kingdom Under Fire: COD
Bullet Witch
Too Human

RonDeMuerte3711d ago

You forgot Ninja Gaiden II....hahaha

KBDuB3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Yo, read what the dude actually said.. He said "First party."

Oh, and what factors come in to play to consider if a game is a flop or AAA? Cause, I disagree with you on some of those games.

Common Sense3711d ago

It's a first party game with a metacritic score of 17

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