The Golden Oldie Of Gaming

Sony's PS2 is likely to outsell newer consoles such as the PS3-not just this year but next.

In December video game maker Square Enix Co. began running prime-time TV ads in Japan featuring battle scenes from its new adventure game Seiken Densetsu 4, or Legend of the Sacred Sword. Every 30-second spot ended with a familiar logo: PlayStation. But the game isn't played on Sony Corp.'s (SNE) new PlayStation 3 console. It's for the PlayStation 2.

This might seem an odd time to launch an ad blitz for a game designed for the PS2, which has been around since 2000. The PS3, after all, was just introduced this fall and offers richer graphics with more lifelike action. But despite all the hype surrounding the PS3, its predecessor is likely to outsell it for two more years...

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deathtok5448d ago

I agree, I use my PS2 more than any other system. Of course, 2007 will also be the year that I make some upgrades too. But the list of PS2 games I want to play/finish is long and growing.

I'm looking at you Rogue Galaxy & God of War 2.

MicroGamer5448d ago

And this is why Sony needs to kill of the PS2. How are they going to sell PS3 when everyone is still buying the old system??

DJ5448d ago

PS3s are going to be hard to find for quite some time, and with developers relying on their PS2 titles to help fund their PS3 projects it's great that Sony's supporting this system for 7 successful years.

I know what you're trying to get at, Microgamer, but the strategy you're proposing was adopted by Microsoft. It not only lowered profits for them and developers, but pissed off publishers who were hoping to use Xbox revenue to fund Xbox 360 projects during the transitional period. Microsoft proved that it was a bad idea.

I'm still enjoying games like Black, Killzone, Burnout Revenge, ZOE 2, God of War, and FF12. And there's still a lot of great PS2 titles that I need to catch up on. Seriously, what's the rush?

Once I get a PS3, I can still keep progressing through my PS2 titles AND save money due to the digital memory card feature.

DC RID3R5447d ago

i thought you'd be one of the 1st in line for one of those suckas!!

if you TALK it, WALK it!

Gh0stDrag0n5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

Keep milkin' it Sony. I'm not knocking the PS2 but, come on! It is holding back progress, who wants to spend $500/$600 on a PS3 when you can still get new games for the PS2? Devs will start to push PS3 games back in favor of the PS2's 100+ Million gamers. Like I've said before the PS3 was made because of Microsoft's 360. Sony couldn't let Microsoft have a next gen console without coming out with something. If it wasn't for the 360 there would not be a PS3. Flame away fanboys, deep down you know it is true. Unless Sony stops production of the PS2 the PS3 will be a hardcore gamer only console and will never make it mainstream. Little Jonny's parents will not justify the cost of the PS3 when the "same" games can be baught for his PS2.

the_bebop5448d ago

This article is spot on however not something that we didn't know already. Living in Australia we don't get games till later for one reason or another so I will still be playing a lot of my PS2 games, and games like FFXII and Okami come out in February and it is looking like Rogue Galaxy wont come out till May.

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