PlayStation 4 and Vita Owners Should Be Excited For Darkest Dungeon

Pixelgate.co.uk writes:

''Darkest Dungeon has been slaughtering PC players by the masses for sometime now.

After a long period in early access, Darkest Dungeon officially released this month. It’s best described as a mixture between Dark Souls with a dash of X-com and Dungeons and Dragons''

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Momo1183059d ago

first time in a long time that vita owners have had anything to be excited about...

PixelGateUk3059d ago

Excuse me but Person 4 Dancing All Night!

Lastlivingsoul3059d ago

Crypt of the Necrodancer, Severed, and Salt and Sanctuary should all be awesome as well. Holding out hope for western release of Dragon Quest Builders. This might actually be a pretty decent year for vita.

IamTylerDurden13058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )


Hyper Light Drifter
Rocket Birds 2
Forgotten Memories
Crossing Souls
Axiom Verge
AC Chronicles
A World of Final Fantasy
Mighty No Nine
Attack on Titan

Fonso1283059d ago

I'm excited to play Zero time dilemma on my PS Vita. I'm also excited for the new Y's and Danganronpa game.

Junebug3059d ago

Like you care what Sony does with the ps vita, sorry excuse for a sock puppet account. :/

Kaneki-Ken3058d ago

June go find it yourself in Twitter, since Yoshida mentions his daughter along with the tweet. It wasn't actual advertising but it's show how he don't talk about the Vita with compassion as the 3Ds. Either was 2-3 years old the tweet so it might take you a while since Yoshida tweet a lot.

Kaneki-Ken3059d ago

Playstation should separate Console and Handheld. Make two leaders so let Yoshida be the leader of handling the console while another leader handle the handheld console because clearly Yoshida can't is not doing anything for the Vita in Na and haven't saw a ads that unless it was a few years ago on E3. Plus Yoshida advertise the the 3DS or the Wiiu more on Twitter account than the Vita.

Junebug3059d ago

Pics or it didn't happen. :)

Junebug3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

How can you tell he was serious though? He may be just showing his love for Nintendo products and he never said anything bad about the vita, you may have been taking it out of context...

Kaneki-Ken3058d ago

I never once seen Yoshida talk highly about the Vita in his twitter but PS4 and PS3 got it. Vita is consider almost dead since it's a legacy or no more first party support or how it losing some features with each updates or how poorly it was advertise in the West unless is advertise as controller. Yoshida did wrong to the Vita while Nintendo former president knew 3Ds was doing bad so he still support more than listen to the consumer that is succeeded.

Junebug3058d ago

That is just the social media starting a bad reputation with the vita it does not mean it failed across the board and the legacy statement was blown out of proportion because of bad journalism. I called Sony regarding the vita and they assured me for future endeavors that they are still supporting the ps vita from hereon...

Quit looking in the wrong places dude...

Junebug3058d ago

Quit listening to trash articles and accept the fact that Sony does not want to kill the vita in the west. There are still games coming out for it first party or not.

PlayStation Experience was an example of that just a few weeks ago. Don't get it twisted man...

Kaneki-Ken3058d ago

Ported game is not doing much justice for the Vita, some indie is great but not all of them. It's only strong third party is Jp developers who localizing their games to the west, while major West third party gave up on the system. it's more Sad that Playstation barely mention the Vita and they don't bother showing on E3. Playstation kill it with their poorly advertising and high price for the memory card, didnt bother to drop the price knowing it could get people attention. I own the Vita 1000, I may buy the 2000 in the summer along with many jp games but the memory is a struggle because I bought so many games that it won't fit in the 64gb no more but spending another 100$ is killing me. Just in case you don't believe me, I own a Vita check my gamertag tommyv010

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oldmess3058d ago

Just this month alone, Vita owners got Volume and Oddworld New & Tasty, two very well received games that achieved a score of 8.5-9 out of 10 each, on average.

Not even a good troll.

IamTylerDurden13058d ago

Actually, Bastion and Oddworld New n Tasty just came to VITA. Corpse Party, Steins Gate, P4D, Shovel Knight, Geometry Wars 3, and plenty on the way.

Kaneki-Ken3058d ago

God Eater Resurrection and RAGE BURST 2 also in the summer.

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triverse3059d ago

This does look interesting though they have not shown enough game play in the video. Still interesting.

Deividas3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

You do realize that Darkest Dungeon has been available for almost a year now on PC right?....It recently had a full release on PC but has been in early access for a year. Its a GREAT game. Challenging and rewarding. Not sure why you cant just go to youtube or Twitch to get your thousand of hours of gameplay footage....

triverse3058d ago

Eh, for people like me that don't know but was out for a while on PC and the like might be one reason. Oh well. You got me with your comment.

Malice-Flare3059d ago

yep, playing it on PC. will double dip...

Malice-Flare3059d ago

what makes you say that? i've following this game since its Kickstarter...

YoungKingDoran3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

because someone disagreed with you...

Lovable3059d ago

I purchased this from steam. Can't even beat the first boss on the first area. I keept getting bad maps and my team kept getting stressed like hell. As a result, I had to spend money to relieve their stress...Very good game and addicting. Best narrator of any game ever.

MaxCompiler3059d ago

Better than the one from Bastion? really?

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