IGN: Cro-Mag Rally Review

IGN writes: "Racers on a phone are a tough sell -- just check out the library of bad mobile driving games. Racing games must be fluid, with controls that are comfortable and easy to use. Pangea Software's Cro-Mag Rally should do decently with racing junkies then, and it owes much to the tilt controls possible on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

It's a simple premise: Race on 9 different courses and try to get first place against three other racers. All of the tracks are unlocked, which is a blessing for those who like variety right off the bat, but a curse for gamers who like hard-earned rewards in their games. Choose between straight-up racing or Gather mode where the goal is to collect all of the arrowheads on a course while still trying for first place. Three difficulty modes determine the smarts of your computer opponents. One thing that bothered me was even if you got in first place, it's not marked on the main level select screen. So you'll have to remember which tracks you've already won. Some sort of awards bonus would have also been nice."

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