The Force Unleashed video dump may 'blow your mind'

joystiq writes: we can only imagine how dejected you must feel right now, sitting at home with a tummy full of popcorn and a heart brimming with disappointment. Your friends and family inquire about the reason for your sorrows, until they notice the tear-soaked ticket stub for Star Wars: The Clone Wars lying on your dresser. No amount of playing with your highly collectible Mego Han Solo seems to help -- your infatuation with George Lucas' epic space opera is dwindling, flickering like a candle in the unforgiving wind.

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ape0073802d ago

the game looks special and unique

come fast thursday

tom15953802d ago

bring down a ship with force power but hack at one storm trooper like 5 times. excuse me?

Azures3801d ago

Technically he doesn't pull the ship down with the Force, that was a misconception drawn from the art of that scene. He manipulates certain gravity controlling devices in the area with the force to cause it to plummet.

perseus3801d ago


Good answer.

Shane Kim3801d ago

That made it even worse. At least if his force was powerful enough. But controlling gravity stuff?

Tyler Durden3802d ago

rent this first except battlefront 1 i've never liked any other starwars games

jkhan3802d ago

The technology behind the game is good, but the enemy AI in those video isn't really good. Graphically it looks decent, it isn't mind blowing.

LossTheEarthbreaker3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

There was very little in the realm of badass action and anything that resembled decent dialogue. The animation was mechanical and I could only really appreciate lightsaber fights because I'm a geek and they mostly let me down. The style doesn't set the best example, either.

It also really craps on the universe a little. Bad times and I wish I didn't see it.

You won't miss anything if you don't see it, trust me.

I'm looking forward to Force Unleashed, especially after these videos. I was skeptical til now. The gameplay looks fun at least. Reminds me of Psi-Ops. I still wish I could play a Star Wars game where people are cut the way you'd imagine them to be from the movies by lightsabers. I can't think of one.

Filet of Children3801d ago

The closest I've found is Jedi Academy on the PC. You can dl mods that allow full dismemberment.

You know, if you're into that kind of thing...

...which I am.

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