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cleft51525d ago

If the base game has plenty of new and unique content. Then I will definitely pick this game up provided the gameplay is great. I played Destiny hardcore from the start and I feel like I got cheated.

I want say I didnt get my money's worth because I did. But we where all lead to believe Destiny would be this amazing experience with this deep story. A year later Bungie begin to live up to that promise. Which is fine for those who werent there Day 1 like me.

I don't look down on anyone that like this game now, but I feel cheated and I will be really careful with buying this sort of game in the future. Which is why I am going to be very cautious with The Division.

kodycc1525d ago

Well said. I'm in the same boat. I've been very excited looking at this game, but fighting to not get too hyped for it and get let down.

Habylab1525d ago

One of my housemates plays it all the time, had it since day 1, but seems to have picked it up after 6 months plus off. New DLC deals have done the trick, but certainly for the type of game it is, there just was not enough there. We will see with this.

extermin8or1524d ago

The beta makes it appear like the main game is going to be rich with content so I won't be complaining

trenso11524d ago

Yea I'm enjoying it. And the bullet sponge thing isn't really an issue at all. If you just burst fire most end meows go down in like 9 bullets unless they have armor

ftwrthtx1524d ago

You would think a headshot would make them go down quicker, but it doesn't seem like it does.

ftwrthtx1525d ago

I'm really hoping this game has the lasting power that Destiny has, but with making sure Day 1 adopters always get treated better.

TerminalGamer1524d ago

Totally agree. I want extra perks for day 1 adopters only.

mafiahajeri1524d ago

They need to expand the map that should be their main objective, don't give me skins and crap, I want to see the rest of New York. All I want is China Town to be there from the start xD

ftwrthtx1524d ago

I want all of New York, and then a subway opening to New Jersey.

TerminalGamer1524d ago

If done right, they could continue expansions indefinitely