Saturday Morning RPG Orders For Limited Physical Release On PS Vita & PS4 Open Tomorrow

Limited Run Games has announced that orders for its next physical release Saturday Morning RPG for PS Vita and PS4 will open tomorrow at set times.

That everyone in the world has an equal opportunity to grab a physical copy, it’s going live in two batches. The first one goes up at 10 a.m. EST and the second goes live at 6 p.m. EST.

A limited number of 2,500 PS Vita and 1,980 PS4 copies will be available worldwide each for $24.99. A physical soundtrack CD limited to 200 copies will be available via a PS Vita and PS4 soundtrack bundle each for $39.99 (including a copy of the game).

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Fist4achin1524d ago

Anyone know where I can find a physical copy for purchase?

ocelot071523d ago


@Fist4achin physical release open today (not tomorrow as the title says). For PS4 and PS Vita. Both are extremely limited. Half the stock is being sold at 3pm today UK time and other half at 11pm tonight (UK time)


AudioEppa1523d ago

I wish this game was a point-and-click adventure with a bit better graphics. I do love the animation though.

ocelot071523d ago

I got my Vita and PS4 order in. By the looks of it. The first half of the PS4 version was sold out in less than 10 minutes. At the time of typing the Vita has 25% of it's first half stock remaining.

2nd half of both PS4 and Vita go on sale 11pm UK time tonight.

DivineAssault 1523d ago

Damn, i missed it! I guess ill try again tonight

SonyStyled1523d ago

Anyone else keep going a sealed copy in a closet to pop up for sale n 20 years?

ocelot071523d ago

Yup along with a sealed copy of retro city rampage for PS4 and Vita.

rainslacker1523d ago

I brought a copy of each to keep for my collection. I doubt it will take 20 years for the game to skyrocket in price. If I end up selling it one day, it'll be because I'm selling off my collection, and I don't want to wager a guess on why I might do that.

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