PlayStation VR – Greatness Awaits Or Is Failure Inevitable?

When it comes to PlayStation VR, does Greatness Await or Is Failure Inevitable? Albert Perkins from Mammoth Gamers discusses.

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SniperControl1524d ago

Definitely, just need Sony to give us more details, pricing, release date and so on.

Day One here.

S2Killinit1524d ago

Yup. Just waiting for release here.

LordMaim1523d ago

Even if Ace Combat 7 is enough to make me buy on day one, just the existence of a game called 100ft Robot Golf would have done the trick. :)

amiga-man1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I think PSVR will prove it's worth and be a great introduction to the wonders of VR, whether it will survive to be a big player in VR in the long term remains to be seen, it does have an ace in it's strong Playstation following and Sony has plenty of tech knowledge to fall back on .

I know i'm in day one.

Greatness awaits for me.

XisThatKid1523d ago

Wouldn't have been better if "Greatness Awaits or Failure Imminent" for the title? Anyway I say it's going to be a success more or less. It won't be a flop. I say the software is a big part on its success

UltraNova1523d ago

Already saved 600 euros for the whole thing, headset, camera, move and some games hopefully. Now all I need to know if it will support my turtle beach cans and I'm set to go!

UltraNova1523d ago

@ the person who disagreed with my above post


Color me confused.

That's n4g for ya...

awi59511523d ago


Some sennheisers or audio technicas would sound better and would cost less than 100.

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Kurisu1523d ago

I think greatness awaits too, though depending on price I might be waiting before embracing the greatness lol.

RufustheKing1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

As someone who has tried the Oculus dk2 alot with a good few demos. i can say, yes it will be great. Why, you may wounder? Well its that even with demos with old graphics(early 00's in some case) plus the whole vr thing, you still get immersed very easly and those games you may think will be crap are loads of fun. The graphics wont matter only the gameplay. * on a side note . You will only get 50% of the fun out of vr by wearing the headsets, the rest comes from watching friends and family act the fools while wearing the headset.:) P.S my mother and father who are in or near their 70's and no interest in games cant get enough of it

ABizzel11523d ago

If there was a scale between Greatness and Failure with Greatness being 100% and Failure being 0%, I'd say it's floating around 60% with the scale sliding closer and closer to greatness once we get a price (preferably $399 or less) and see plenty of games at E3.

TheLEGENDofTydo1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Don't expect less than $450

IamTylerDurden11523d ago

It certainly does.

With the groundswell of developer support that PSVR has garnered and the phenomenal hands on accounts, i see PSVR being an excellent experience from day 1.

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Grell5661523d ago

"PlayStation VR – Greatness Awaits Or Is Failure Inevitable?"

My guess is failure.

AlphaCentyros1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

We know far too little to know if this will be greatness or failure, but boy we sure need this to be a great success if we want VR to succeed and to be a part of the future of gaming.

SmokingMonkey1523d ago

Grell566 + 5d ago
Oculus Rift of course, no brainer. My PC is ready.

Commented 5 days ago and you liked a certain VR,

Psst, your bias is showing

Bumblee Tuna.

DeToX4201523d ago

Dude get a life lol you actually went through his comments for that nonsense seriously grow up.

WeAreLegion1523d ago

DeToX42 + 9d ago
Going through comments is fine. You should do that.

Whoa... Okay, DeToX420. Which is it? Sending mixed signals, aren't we?

joaovictorop1523d ago

I tried the Oculus in a shopping and it was just a Rollercoaster demo, but man it was amazing! You really feel that you are in another world. It is another level of immersion. It is not gimmicky like the 3D glasses.

Omeganex99991523d ago

Yeah, but that's the point, you have to try it or you don't get it and end up coming here acting bossy and telling that VR is going to fail because *enter random reason*

IamTylerDurden11523d ago

The impressive list of games and solid hardware reviews say otherwise. PSVR is looking very strong.

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MeteorPanda1523d ago

just...wait til after launch, sony has a really stable track record atm of not giving a crap about gaming devices not the main console after they get investment back. I think it's amazing backed by a flip flopity company when it comes to their own product loyalty. Poor fucking vita.

chasegarcia1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Agree 100%,

The PS Vita support has been a joke. I hope they take it off the legacy list because sales have been good outside the USA and most android/ios games have no depth. It's also pretty damn close to being perfect. All it needs is L2/R2 triggers by design. I bet it could do the 10 year life cycle if Sony lowers memory card prices and makes a few exclusive games a year.

chasegarcia1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Just an FYI,

I own launch versions of the PS4 and Vita. I plan on buying a VR headset from either Sony, HTC, or Oculus.

kraenk121523d ago

The PSV support has been completely understandable seing that almost nobody bought it in the west.

Vipre771523d ago

The Vita marketing team need to be drug into the street and run over with a lawn mower. It's easy to see why Vita doesn't sell well here in the US. Go into any retailer not named GameStop and go look at the Vita section compared to everything else in the department. It's a joke. Almost every Walmart store here in Milwaukee doesn't even stock Vita or Vita games anymore. Target only had 2-3 consoles on the shelf and literally only two game boxes on the shelf when I was there a couple days ago. Even Best Buy wasn't much better. They had about 8 games on the shelf. At some stores it looked so pathetic that they mixed the Vita games in with the PS3 games so it was less obvious how bad the selection is.

Why would any potential customer look at that in the store and say, "Hey I want to spend hundreds of dollars on this system that has ridiculously priced memory, nearly zero retail games, none of which are AAA quality from big developers except maybe a couple year old copy of Madden and Freedom Wars, and a crappy/paltry set of accessories available."? New customers have no idea the amount and type of content available on the PSN store.

kayoss1523d ago

The Vita is supported outside the United States. I was a day one adopter of the Vita and i bought a lot of games for it. Its just unfortunate that a lot of gamers feel that the Vita library is lacking.

Vipre771523d ago

Go look at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. and you'll quickly see why they say that. Basically, go anywhere other than GameStop and it's the same story. Nothing to choose from in-store and no indication or marketing material anywhere in the store for what additional content is available on the PSN Store and it's always been that way for Vita since launch. Many Walmarts do not even carry Vita anymore.

MeteorPanda1523d ago

The people who replied with 'im a launch buyer" well same here.. You guys should be more understanding of what l'm talking about.

Just wait and see if the vr headset actually gets games for it and please don't bring up that inflated list of technical demos they called a game list

crazychris41241523d ago

Can we try it first?? We still don't have a price or release date. These articles are getting annoying and I don't even have a PS4.

CBforeva1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Thank you. My thoughts exactly.
Despite I have a PS4, but I didn't have a chance to try PSVR yet.

1523d ago
d4v03331523d ago

After trying the PSVR multiple times we are definitely going to be waiting for greatness.

Masterofwiiu3ds1523d ago

Do you mean you didn't like it, so we will have to wait for greatness (from the next big thing)?

Or do you mean you loved it, and we waiting for it to release (and therefore, are waiting for greatness to release)?

I'm confused. I think you "agrees" and "disagrees" are confused too (possibly without even realizing it.

d4v03331523d ago

hahahaha now after reading my own comment I can see why people are confused. Sorry for the confusion :) I meant I really loved it and it will be great. At first I was not too big into this VR stuff but after trying it, it really surprised me. It is very well done. At PSX I tried Eve: Valkyrie and RIGS and loved both of them. But I did try them back to back and I got little nauseous which I think will go away after your brain gets used to it. I will definitely be picking PSVR up day one I just hope it is around $400 and not $600. The price of the Oculus Rift was the reason I did not preorder.