Original Xbox memo had notes from Gates & Ballmer that became Xbox One concepts

When companies draft up a new platform or piece of hardware, it's easy to see how things stated in the beginning could end up as part of it 10 or even 15 years down the line.

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yeahright21526d ago

That's cool. Wish they went into a little more detail, something I'd love to read more about.

1Victor1526d ago

I clicked the article thinking I would see at least a piece of this miraculous memo but it's just talk about it without proof of it 🤔

rainslacker1526d ago

This article is rather useless since it doesn't tell which concepts were talked about way back when. All it implies is that MS is forward thinking, which they can be.

Outside of the TV integration, and fluid OS/Game interface, I can't really think of any concepts which would be talked about other than the negative ones which eventually got cut due to consumer backlash...although I could easily see some of those negative things being talked about back then due to MS's mentality on such issues in which they were even more open about being consumer control freaks.