Is PlayStation Now Really Worth It for Gamers?

With services like EA Access, Origin Access, and PlayStation Now, it’s possible to pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to a whole library games you can play as much as you want. Yes, finally, it’s clear that we’re living in the future.

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FallenAngel19841533d ago

It is for me. It's a nice rental service to try out games I missed out on or want to replay

blackblades1532d ago

Yeah its a good service for renting, but using its subscription IDK about that part of it.

donthate1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Based on the games available via PS Now, I don't think this is good value for a core gamer that owns consoles. It isn't a very good experience, it has artifacts, and massive input lag.

You think your TV has bad input lag? Wait until you try PS Now. It is even worse by a factor of 2-3!

For casual gamers that play every now and then, sure, but for a $100/year you might as well just get a PS3 and a few $5 games and it will cost you the same with superior experience. After all with PS Now you still have to buy the controller!

Ruggadagod1532d ago

It's also good for games that you were on the fence on buying but wanted to try out. There are lots of games on psnow that I've always wanted to play but didn't really want to buy.

Apocalypse Shadow1533d ago

Pretty much this. Sony is offering a service to have as an option to use or not. They're not forcing anybody.

But just like other services offered, it's not just for gamers. Those who don't have a console but a compatible device can use it too. If you can buy a TV and not a PS3 or PS4 and use it, that's amazing. It's Netflix for games.

Netflix offers movies on disc. And Netflix offers movies streamed over the net. No one bags on them for that. Only that some movies are on disc that are not offered in stream.

Sony offers games on disc.And now they offer games in stream with more games coming.But somehow,they are getting bagged for it. And if it was because of price,I knew the price would eventually become affordable based on voting with your wallet.

Now it's a good deal for those that want it.Gamer or not.

-Foxtrot1532d ago

So can I download a game from PS Now list without using the service?

I don't mind waiting for it to fully download

Apocalypse Shadow1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

The point is the OPTION.

I'm 99% sure I'll never use it.I like physical discs and some downloads. But I'm not mad at them for offering the service to gamers or non gamers. That's their business.

If it works for them great. If not, no skin of my back. I just think the tech is cool. I can stream my PS4 to my tablet now. Also cool.

u4one1532d ago

i don't think you can. i never found a way to, but i could have overlooked something. i'd rather run it locally personally. streaming introduces lag and sometimes quality issues or in more rare cases, instability.

Apocalypse Shadow1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

U4one, if you are talking about streaming to tablet, you have to go to XDA developers. They are always on point. Couldn't believe it until I saw PS4 streaming on my tablet with no lag from the other side of the house. It's awesome.

donthate1532d ago

I think the kicker is that Sony prevented you from getting something good like EA Access, only to replace it with something far more expensive as an option.

I don't know if I would call that an "option"....

So to answer your question foxtrot, no you cannot download the game. PS Now is a fully streamed service and a pricey one at that. EA Access that is exclusive to Xbox One now do what you want for a fraction of the cost of PS Now subscription.

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-Foxtrot1532d ago

Well I was just genuinely asking as I can't seem to find it on the store to pay for a single download and then download that game fully without streaming

If there's no option for this then it's a little dissapointing. I only want one game so far

andibandit1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Read the article,
Sony isn't being "Bagged" in the article.

Also most products/services in todays world are optional, why emphasize it?.

Kaneki-Ken1531d ago

Yes, also hoping in the future for Ps Vita having L2 and R2 trigger to make the experience even better even thought their is an accessory for that.

Zarock1532d ago

Still no PSNow for Eu so can't tell yet. :(

djplonker1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

It is available in the eu!

For me in scotland it is atleast.

Zarock1532d ago

I guess It's only available In the UK and scotland.

djplonker1532d ago

Oh that sucks, hopefully it isn't too far off for the rest of Europe.

OldGuyStillGaming1532d ago

I prefer the b/c on X1 over ps now
I tried ps now and on a few instances it would get laggy

DragonDDark1532d ago

Get a better internet then :)

Ruggadagod1532d ago

You need better internet bruh.

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The story is too old to be commented.