Worth It? The Witness (PS4)

After 8 Long Years of Development, Jonathan Blow is Back! But is The Witness Worth the Wait?

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Neonridr1525d ago

I'm only about an hour or so in, but I am enjoying it. Some of the puzzles can get a little repetitive, but it's very rewarding when you finally solve one that you were scratching your head over before.

DrKarateChop1525d ago

I know what you mean. I get pretty irritated at the game but I always come back and have a great time.

DashArrivals1525d ago

You haven't even begun yet. I'm 40 hours in and this game is a friggin' puzzler masterpiece. Brilliant, brilliant game.

kraenk121525d ago

I'm fascinated by the game. Beautiful and very clever. Just love it.

DashArrivals1525d ago

I'm 40 hours in and this game is a masterpiece. No wonder it got so many high reviews and a lot of 10's

Perjoss1525d ago

I've only completed about 200 panels but already I can see that this is a really special experience. Such intricate design, you constantly walk past cool looking scenery only to discover that its not just for show, some of the puzzles are so clever that I laugh out loud when I realise what I have to do to complete them.

Great start to the year and to think we have Mirrors Edge, Dark Souls, Uncharted and No Mans Sky still to come.

goathouse7741525d ago

Might be the best game I've ever played.