A Wearable Mega Man Helmet, for the 8-bit Nerd in All of Us

If you've ever ran around in your underwear pretending you're Mega Man, you are not alone. Now you can step up your game with this wearable Mega Man helmet!

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GrapesOfRaf1525d ago

$150 isn't too bad. I was expecting 2-300

MzDino1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

oh my god. Now, I'm no die-hard fan of Mega Man, but if it was Resident Evil or Tekken related i'd be all over that sh*t. I could see Mega Man fans eating this up though.

mgszelda11525d ago

I'd make one at that point

GrimDragon1525d ago

If it came with the arm cannon I'd have bought it for sure.

MegaRay1525d ago

I want a helmet for Mighty no.9's Beck.

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