Need for Speed ‘Showcase’ update goes live on 3rd February

By: Ben Walke

With an exciting few months ahead of us we’re already in the process of taking on 2016 at full throttle and it all starts next week on Wednesday February 3rd, with the release of our latest update, Showcase.

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MJunior1531d ago

Not a word about PC version..

bixxel1531d ago

YODA: "Patience, patience, soon, you will be with him."
In this case, it.

Geobros1531d ago

Yeap, that is worrying. We have no idea when the PC version coming out. They wanted time to increase the visuals but I would prefer the game to release earlier even if it looks not so good on PC.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081531d ago

This spring, but no month or date set yet.

Iceball20001531d ago

Wow, I'm impressed with all these updates! Keep up the great work!

SynapticRelaps1531d ago

Still waiting for there to be daytime. Then this would be the best NFS ever!!

Goldby1531d ago

except there's no Manual transmission...... or interior view... or free camera... but ya. its a good Need for Speed

gninja921522d ago

im waiting for the option to own more cars, at least 10.
the original most wanted you could own upto 25.