Kotaku in love with motostorm

"Ok, I'm officially taking the torch from McWhertor as Kotaku's resident Motorstorm fanboy.

I just got my preview copy of the game for the Playstation 3 debug and it kicks major ass. It's like what Excite Truck could have been, but with better graphics."

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JIN KAZAMA5252d ago

paste the review in this article. I cant read it at work.

kingboy5252d ago

Ok, I'm officially taking the torch from McWhertor as Kotaku's resident Motorstorm fanboy.

I just got my preview copy of the game for the Playstation 3 debug and it kicks major ass. It's like what Excite Truck could have been, but with better graphics.

The version I have doesn't let me play online, so I have yet to see what the game's performance will be like over the network. But in house, in house it's amazing.

Part of the reason I think I'm so blown away by the game is because I never bought into the early hype and so I didn't ride that emotional roller coaster brought on by watching those early vids that ended up being nothing like the finished product.

While the game's graphics are simply amazing, it doesn't do things like show detailed mud splashing across the hood of your car in the middle of a race, or detailed, tread-specific ruts forming in the road.

What it does do is drop you into a highly-stylized version of off-road racing and slap you in vehicles that explode into a detailed array of fire, smoke and parts. At times, it felt like the car I was driving was made of porcelain, but that's half the fun.

And the ruts do form along the track, there's even mud, but it appears to be a bit more area specific than tire specific. In other words you leave your mark on the world, but you never really see your tires leaving specific impressions in the mud.

The good news is that over time that muddied up road because harder to navigate and actually effects play. The same is true with other parts of the course on various maps that you can change. For instance, in one map I actually knocked down a ramp and it stayed down.

While the graphics are a big chunk of what make this game so much fun to play, that doesn't mean the game doesn't offer up plenty of fun in the way of game mechanics.

The idea is that you work your way through various off-road courses in an assortment of vehicles trying to win the race. The races earn you points which will open some new courses and vehicles, others are opening by doing specific things like getting first place in every race on a particular course.

The game lets you race motorcycles, ATV, trucks, buggies, stock cars and big rigs. Each type of vehicle behaves very differently. For instance, the big rigs are best in the mud, while the motorcycles are great at hopping from plateau to plateau.

Controls are fairly basic, you steer either with motion control or with a thumbstick, you've got gas, brake, a handbrake and turbo, which can overheat and cause your vehicle to explode.

The courses are truly open, which means each race has a lot of different options for how you complete it. You can stay low in the mud, try jumping across huge drops, drift along side a precarious drop. It's this openness that really makes Motorstorm most fun, that and the heft of the vehicles. They all truly have a unique feel to them. The motorcycles can zip around corners, big rigs wallow through the mud and slowly crank through a turn, stock cars tend to bounce themselves to pieces.

The game is a blast. I played through about a quarter of the single player races last night and could have kept playing if I didn't have more to do.

I think Motorstorm could easily be the Playstation 3's first truly break-out hit. Brian Crecente

Update For those of you who somehow misunderstood "preview copy of game from Playstation 3" for kiosk demo, this is in fact a nearly finished copy of the game. Perhaps gold, though Sony's press material included with the game doesn't say.

JIN KAZAMA5252d ago

This game is going to be a BLAST once it hits the States. I cant wait!!

NextGen24Gamer5252d ago

The demo is makes you want more. The graphics are solid...the game still runs a tad on the slow side but it doesn't hamper the fun and with it being off road racing it actually works well....Its no where near the video's shown at E3 2005 but its still the best looking ps3 game to date. I'm a little disappointed in the final game only having 8 tracks to choose from and a small amount of vehicles....but hopefully the online aspect adds something to the game. With all the sub par games out now for the ps3...this is definately the bright light in the near future for ps3 owners. Its not an AAA title as GT or Forza is...but its still pure fun and thats what video games should be about.

P.S. To fully enjoy this game you absolutely must have an HD tv. Thats a big part of the fun.....I think it will average about an 8 on the final reviews....Which is just fine for this type of arcade off road racer as it is far from deep in its tracks or vehicle selections or even options.

DJ5252d ago

There's over 40 of them. I think that's quite adequate. Then again, maybe Gran Turismo's spoiled ya? =P

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