Can you find a cheaper PC preorder for The Division?

GMD: [International prices available]. Ubisoft are going to really start promoting the Division in the coming months ahead of the March release, so it’s a good time to lock down a cheap preorder. It might be worth checking your inboxes for a beta invite too for this weekend.

The beta will give us a better idea of how Ubisoft’s promises are shaping up on this eagerly awaited shooter. On the plus side PC gamers, you don’t have to worry about the ‘visual downgrade’ storm that console gamers are getting upset about. Of course, such furores could be avoided if demos were clearly labelled with the running platform.

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OoglyBoogly1521d ago

It's where I bought my copy. Paid $33 and some change.

CP_Company1521d ago

paid 25 euro for mine :)