Ubisoft will continue to disappoint Wii hardcore with more casual titles down the road

Over the past few months, the general hardcore gaming opinion of Ubisoft on Nintendo systems has not been too favorable. Instead of knowing that something along the lines of Prince of Persia will grace the Wii, Wii owners typically have a terrible feeling that, instead, the only brand of games they'll see from the company is yet another iteration from the "Petz" franchise. The situation doesn't seem to be looking any brighter for hardcore Wii owners, though. In an interview with Gamasutra, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat indirectly explained that more casual games will be coming to Nintendo's console.

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wiizy3740d ago

ubisoft does need to up their game up. but when the wii is killing the competition.. maybe games like this will give haters hope that the wii will fade by the time next gen start.. and my answer is ...get a life

BrotherNick3740d ago

Who cares really, I'll just take what the other devs make. Ubisoft isn't the entire game industry.

Odiah3740d ago

The fact that they promised "Nintendo-like quality" makes it so much worse. Nintendo does not make ridiculously crap titles with the letter Z on the end =|, but I do have a noose in my wardrobe for the day when Zeldaz is announced. Meh, that's pretty much an equal to an apocalypse anyway.

Back onto the subject of Ubisoft, who remembers the annoyingly high amount of titles they released at launch. Seriously, I've had more fun at a sewage convention. (Don't ask why I was there)