Why The Sky Is Not Falling For E3 Over EA Play

No sooner had EA announced EA play and that they were giving up their booth space at E3 2016, then cries of the demise of E3 started up again. In a new opinion piece, Skewed and Reviewed look at how the reports of E3's demise are premature, especially when you look at the number of high-profile publishers who still plan to attend the show, and in the case of Sony, despite having their own successful showcase.

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Summons751525d ago

Eh, doesn't seem like that big of a deal. EA has had pretty lousy E3 pressers for a few years from a year of showing nothing but dev diaries with games in early pre-production to last year where they were just plain boring and had 20 minutes of sports and Plants VS Zombies each.

Garethvk1525d ago

They did go all out with Star Wars Battlefront which was fun and Need For Speed had some moments but you are dead on. We did Battlefront, Need For Speed and Plants Vs Zombies 2 last year. I remember about 8 years ago give or take there was the flurry of news about this is it, E3 is over, and so on. E3 regrouped, and came back strong. As I said, it is a one stop shop for media to see all the companies in one venue. as much as we love PAX Prime, Activision and EA do not attend so E3 is our time to meet them in person. Sure we have reps at GDC, Gamescom, and such, but E3 is one state over and it is a great resource and event for us and many others.

pompombrum1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

It could set a dangerous precedent though going forward if it turns out to be a success. Having said that though, as someone who watches all the conferences, I'd say I won't miss EA, their ones are by far the worst and dullest out of the bunch.

Garethvk1525d ago

My big question for now is who is going to take that space. If you have not been, there are two main convention halls that are connected by a long corridor. Some are in the lobby area or outside, some are upstairs in small meeting rooms and such, but most are in the main hall as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft dominate the other hall.
When you enter you mass in a lobby and go up an escalator past a food court and right as you walk in, the first thing you see is the EA booth. Activision is in the back, and 2K is usually to the left a ways with Bethesda in the back to the side. So, who will take that massive space? I also found it interesting that while Bethesda did their own event last year, they still had space at the show, they simply did not do meetings at the show. The fact is, not everyone can make it to the pre-show events so you need a presence in the hall. Also, as I mentioned in the article at Comic-con and CES, people want to avoid the hall and book meetings in hotel suites, and such. Comic Con is a bit easier as it is all within a couple city blocks and you can walk, but still, when you have a meeting at the Hilton at 1, something down the waterway at 2:30, then back to the Hardrock at 4, and then another at 5, you are not only not in the hall, you are walking a lot. This is what E3 needs to avoid as the venue is massive enough as it is. If I am expected to shuttle, bus, or town car to events or worse, show up a day or two early, or stay late, and stay later into the night, this will be an issue. I usually stay in Anaheim as while it is a good hour drive, I want to get away after the day to decompress and do not want overpriced area hotels filled with people who are covering the show and partying it up. It is just me, but I like going back to the hotel, posting, doing a walk to downtown Disney or so for dinner, etc. I do not want the experience non-stop around me after a full day at the show.

Garethvk1525d ago

They are supposedly still going to be there but it will be an off site event like the do the day before the show and stuff targeted at the fans perhaps during the show. The general public does not get into E3 by and large. They have allowed a small amount in recently but the big issue was companies complaining they spent a ton on their booth but the media could not access their games due to the throngs of non reporters and as such they did not get the coverage they came for.

crazychris41241525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Fill their spot with an indie showcase. 5-10 minutes for each game in a 1-2 hr show. Games that have been released but still see lots of support, games in early access and games that are coming in less than 18 months should be in the show.

Garethvk1525d ago

Interestng idea. The indies are usually off to the side but it is interesting what will happen to that area. I do not see them leaving it open as someone will want it.