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Grant Patterson writes:
"That's not to say that Turok is a bad game. It's not, it's just old. Like, twenty years old. I remember getting this for Christmas in 1997, and I played the hell out of it. I know the original Turok backwards and forwards – where the keys are, where the Chronoscepter pieces are, you name it. The thing is, none of that's changed, and that's a good thing. Everything is just as I remembered it, and for a trip down memory lane, it's a fun rehash. The only problem is that this particular trip is a few hours long, and the more time you spend on it, the more you lose that rose-tinted quality in your perspective. Flaws start to show themselves easily, and I began to see where the design philosophy of 1997 no longer fit my definition of a compelling, engaging game. That isn't the fault of the game itself, and I won't knock the game for being what it is, but the design of the levels, the enemies and objectives feel radically out of place in a post-Halo world."

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Father__Merrin1523d ago

tried it i thought it was terrible to say the least. respawning enemies galore. very shoddy visuals it still has fog.

i can remember myself enjoying turok on n64 but playing it again its one of them titles that should remain in the past, at least the old cheats still work


YosefH641523d ago

Yea. I tried even playing this on the 64 a few weeks ago and it's hard to go back :( memories

superchiller1523d ago

Nintendo 64 games, with their blurry low-res textures and ugly 3D models, haven't aged well at all. I loved the original Turk for the N64 (still have it), but I'm not really interested in this remaster.

3-4-51523d ago

* You need to look at this game as an early N64 game.

That is what it is.....To compare it to PS4/Xbox 360/XB1/PS3 games or even PS2/Gamecube/xbox games/dreamcast games is doing it a disservice.

It's an early N64 game and plays like that, and for being's actually a pretty good game.

The main problem is they got rid of the fog.

The fog on the N64 versions added to the atmosphere and scariness of the game.

Raptors popping out at you from the fog was some scary stuff back in 1997/1998, so think of it like that.

GrantPatterson1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

While I agree that you need to look at the game as an N64 title in order to keep it in proper context, it's been rereleased as a remastered version, when that remastering entails nothing but better lighting on the same low-poly models, enhanced resolution so you can upscale how far we've come since the original game, and the elimination of the only piece of actual atmosphere the game had - and required - in order to be fun or challenging.

Only the third is a toggle option. The rest, it's in the game.

jeromeface1523d ago

No bias here.. none at all. This should be reviewed for what it is, a remaster. Not reviewed and compared to mechanics found in shooters today. Of course its dated gameplay... the game is 20 years old.

GrantPatterson1522d ago

"I don't feel that it would be fair to the developers to stomp all over their work because the game isn't modern enough to find a semi-permanent home in my rotation, and as such, that fact won't count against my assessment of it. If you're a hardcore retro enthusiast or someone looking to relive the good old days, give it a shot.

Otherwise, caveat emptor."

I graded it on what it was, and unfortunately, bias and experience can be considered somewhat interchangeable as concepts, and definitely considered symbiotic. Bias is a belief you have, whereas experience shapes that bias. If I was reviewing this back in 1997, it would have a much more glowing review. However, it's a chore to play, and that's because games with this type of mechanical style stopped being made in lieu of more engaging and visceral experiences.

If it were five years post-Halo, it would be one thing. 2006 would have marked nine years since Turok. That would have been something different. But this is a twenty-year-old game now, and its design philosophy shows its age. I reviewed it for what it is, and my endcap quote nailed it. Furthermore, I didn't take a single shred off for the game itself, I graded the "remaster" part of the equation, which wasn't that great in terms of visuals or mechanics. It's a port with a slightly clearer set of goggles, only the scenery wasn't that pretty to begin with, which only hurts the remaster's efforts.

DivineAssault 1523d ago

When this game 1st came out, it was a must have for N64.. Part 2 blew my mind with the expansion pack n better textures.. I laughed in my friends faces when they thought nintendo was kiddy.. I slit peoples throats and let them see people choking on their own blood.. Amazing trilogy as well as duke nukem & the rare shooters..

GrantPatterson1522d ago

I loved T2: Seeds of Evil and Rage Wars.

DivineAssault 1522d ago

Nintendo always has 3rd party hidden gems.