Song of the Deep Is Insomniac Games' New Passion Project

The idea for Insomniac Games' latest title, Song of the Deep, all started with a sub. The developer wanted to find a way to create an underwater side-scrolling game and liked the idea of exploring the mysteries and monsters of the water with a submarine, but the game quickly became more personal than that.

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opoikl1527d ago

Reminds me of "Song of the Sea", but missing a unique artstyle.

Kalebninja1527d ago

just came to comment that. They're even Irish too.

b163o11527d ago

Looks like PixelJunks Shooter...

Kyosuke_Sanada1527d ago

Great movie, that and Secret of the Kells really caught me by surprise last year.

kraenk121527d ago

The Secret Of Kells was amazing years ago, when I watched it. So this is new movie by the same guy?!

Amazing...must have missed it! Thank you!

KiRBY30001527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

anyone knows where the thumbnail pic is from? looks so cool.

edit: nevermind, found it

IamTylerDurden11527d ago

Song of the Deep is Ecco the Dolphin meets The Abyss.

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-Foxtrot1527d ago

Another side scrolling game...I'm so burnt out of them these days

We need more 3D platformers.

Hoffmann1527d ago

I really don't get that just none of the big companies is going to use the old 3d platformers gameplay /design. Not in the last ...around 10 years already.

While we probably got a damn 500+ 2d platformers and mediocre metroidvanias that are not halfway reaching the quality of the originals.

How difficult must it be to create a new Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter (First Game) that only a very few indie developers approach this genre. (A Hat in Time, Yookai Layee)

-Foxtrot1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

What bugs me is the 3D platforming genre was Insomniacs thing...I mean sure they have the new Ratchet coming out but why spread yourself too thin and do games like this.

It's basically a Metroidvania game but for me if it's not Metroid or Castlevania don't bother.

What I always wanted to see when I played 3d platforming games years ago was to see them evolve more in the future. I always thought back then even with something like Super Mario 64, Banjo and Jak and Daxter that they had some huge areas to explore and always thought how great it would be if new tec would allow them to make even bigger areas with new features and gameplay options to let developers make more use of the map.

Instead they've basically devolved and are hardly around.

One AAA developer...just ONE. Make a new 3D Platforming game.

Hell even Ubisoft with something like Rayman, if they do another side scrolling game it's going to look so samey, there's nothing they can really do to evolve the genre so make a new 3D Rayman game.

This looks like a mobile/iPad game

MegaRay1527d ago

Atleast we still have Ratchet. The day Insomniac stop making Ratchet games is the day 3D platformers dies :(

Lets hope Ratchet Remake sells millions, that make Sony and other publishers rethink their position on platforming games, yeah wishful thinking...

-Foxtrot1527d ago

I'm glad they are making Ratchet to keep the 3D platforming genre alive but it's been 14 years and we've had so many I don't see why they don't do a new 3D platforming IP and then switch between them so Ratchet doesn't get burnt out.

MegaRay1527d ago

I agree. They should start a new 3d platformer. They can make 1 year ratchet and the next the new game and so on.

They could leave the comedy stories to Ratchet, and make more serious stories with the new platformer. They proved in "Into the Nexus" that they can make serious/dramatic story.

Germany71527d ago

So true, i'm kinda tired of 2D platformers.

NotanotherReboot1527d ago

I'd LOVE a new Spyro from Insomniac.
Also fun fact: Ubisoft began developing a new 3D Rayman platformer back in 2013, but it was cancelled when legends didn't meet it's sales expectations.

-Foxtrot1527d ago

That I did not know.

The last one I remember is the one they nearly did before turning it into Raving Rabbids for the Wii

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ZaWarudo1527d ago

GameStop is publishing this.

1527d ago
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