DJ Khaled Is Creating His Very Own Video Game

In what is most likely not going to be a variation of Flappy Khaled, DJ Khaled dropped the bombshell like it was nothing (although the editing suggests an artificial conversation starter to plug the project). “Let me tell you something: Kim Kardashian, she said she made tons of money on [Kim Kardashian: Hollywood].”

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Kyosuke_Sanada1528d ago

I would have been more pleased if they got the money they invested in this game and burnt it instead. That would be a better investment.

XisThatKid1528d ago

I almmost wish I didn't see this, No I do wish I didn't see this....and now I've commented.

NeckBone1528d ago

Dammit... And now I've agreed and replied! Why did I even wake up today

FamilyGuy1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

"Who knows; it could be a jetski-based endless runner that involved collecting Snapchat followers as you eat turkey bacon as you water your lion statue.

Should the game be a success, you can expect another one from DJ Khaled in the future."

The writer of this article is hilarious.

Khaled is crazy, promoting your game by saying that Kim making millions with hers was your motivation was your first PR mistake. Day 1 and he' already admitted to it being a cash-grab lol

chrisx1528d ago

Get ready to hear a million " wee dee best, wee millionaires, wee beelionaires"

OldGuyStillGaming1528d ago

Nothing good can possibly be coming from this

Voids1528d ago

Sweet. Now we have a new version of Navi's "HEY! LISTEN! WE DA BEST!"

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