GameStop Is Publishing Insomniac's New Game Song of the Deep

The release of Insomniac Games' new title Song of the Deep is going to be an experiment for the developer. Instead of being released through a traditional publisher, Insomniac has teamed with GameStop for what Ted Price, the company's founder, calls a "non-traditional developer-publisher relationship."

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OldGuyStillGaming1522d ago

Insomniac has never disappointed

Well except for FUSE

no_more_heroes1522d ago

That was EA's fault, surely. Playing Sunset Overdrive currently and having a blast with just getting around!

christocolus1522d ago


Couldn't agree more. I just back to SO. The game is a blast and it's even more fun once you've mastered the gameplay mechanics..more than 14 hours in and still so much to do.

ninsigma1522d ago

That game rocks. Underrated game if I ever did see one. Enjoy!

WeAreLegion1522d ago

Talking to some of the Insomniacs, themselves, it was definitely EA's fault.

Hoffmann1522d ago

Well, they also disappointed by not releasing Sunset Overdrive for PC and Playstation consoles

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1522d ago

They also, disappointed by giving up on the Resistance franchise... had so much potential :(

christocolus1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Lol. Entitled gamers these days...The game was published by MS and created as an Xbox One exclusive and that's a closed case or are you going to say this about every third party console exclusive this gen? I'm sure PC and Xbox fans would definitely have something to say about disappointments too.



Jmanzare1522d ago

Insomniac developed sunset overdrive on xb1 because Microsoft allowed them to own the ip. Future installments may be multiplatform.

BigGamersSmallTalk1522d ago

Look into it, Microsoft published the game but allowed Insomniac to own the IP. Insomniac originally went to Sony but Sony wanted to own the IP before publishing it. It's Sony's fault why the game didn't go to PlayStation, and it was one of the first new, big IP of this generation so you can't blame Microsoft for not publishing it on PC.

If you want to play a game/s bad enough, but the platform instead of complaining.

Khaotic1522d ago Show
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Jmanzare1522d ago

Wanna trade sunset overdrive for street fighter? Lol

1522d ago
MachuchalBrotha3161522d ago

Nah, I rather keep Sunset Overdrive.

FamilyGuy1522d ago

I'm not sure which you prefer (your "lol" has me confused on your preference) but I'd go with Street Fighter. I know SO is a great knew IP but Street Fighter is tried and true with a huge fanbase for a reason. I wish Sony had just let them own their IP so it could've been on PS4, seems like a big wedge was put in their relationship because of that deal.

Jmanzare1522d ago

Yea it was a joke I love Sf and SO I just wish it wasn't a ps4 exclusive it was such a kick in the nuts from Capcom when they announced the exclusive.. OK on a serious note I'd trade dead Rising for street fighter

DivineAssault 1522d ago

Never lol.. Another shooter for an established fighting series? Why the disagrees for a joke? smh i lol'd

Jmanzare1521d ago

People have sticks up their butts

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TWB1522d ago

That sounds good and all and probably means it gets a physical release...

... but the closest gamestop for me weird enough is 200kms away.

TWB1522d ago

I cant?

I mean... I can preorder some stuff but I have to go pick it up. Im not sure why they dont have any delivery. At least when DB Xenoverse released, I checked if I could order the steelbook online.

Its pretty weird why we still dont have a Gamestop here, this city isnt all too small and we just got a new mall here which has apparently attracted a pretty good amount of visitors.

Khaotic1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Imo gamestop is overrated, if you buy alot of games and have a best buy near you, thats the way to go. With their gamers reward program you get huge dicounts on new release games

TWB1521d ago

I dont even live in the States.

The only reasons I even want a Gamestop here is to get this game and give slight price competition to a local game store we have here (its great store but often pricey).

Aenea1522d ago

At least you have one in your country :)

Do wonder though if these physical copies will be available outside the US as well or only at US GameStops?

TWB1522d ago

I hope. Its pretty funny though that it seems all Gamestops seem to be more situated on the East side of the country (last time when I checked their locations map) I dont think theres any in the West...

I could try to ask my friend if he's going anywhere nearby at the release so he could maybe pick the game up if its going to get a physical release outside the US.

FamilyGuy1522d ago

The physical release will only be at Gamestop according to the story but are you against buying games digital?

TWB1521d ago

Not exactly against but I greatly prefer physical and usually pay for digital games if they are in really good sale. If the game is something I really want to play, I regardless go for the physical release instead of a great digital sale price.

For example, I was mildly interested about Shovel Knight but never bought it digitaly. When it got a physical release that was twice the price of a digital version, I didnt even hesitate (and it was well worth the money for me).

Digital has some clear benefits though. It allows for better preservation of classics that often are very pricey or hard to get.

Yui_Suzumiya1521d ago

Damn.. there are 5 here within a 5 mile radius. Two are right next to each other in fact.

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bleedsoe9mm1522d ago

now pounce on them ms and get SSOD 2 done

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