2K will continue making WWE games for many more years

Warp Zoned writes:

"2K Games and the WWE have announced that they’ve reached an agreement to extend 2K’s contract to make games based on the WWE’s patented brand of professional wrestling. The two companies haven’t yet officially announced that WWE 2K17 will be released this Fall, but it seems like a good bet in the aftermath of this new multi-year deal."

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SlavisH21524d ago

get new dev and i'll check it out

Shuckylad1524d ago

Yeah, but none will ever touch the brilliance of WWF Wrestfest arcade.

2pacalypsenow1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

WWF Warzone - WWE Smackdown HCTP were the best years for WWE games, still play No mercy and Smackdown! 2 know your role from time to time

curtis921524d ago

Warzone represents the low point of WWE(F) video games. Just because the actual TV product was good then doesn't mean the games were good. Attitude was a LITTLE better, still hugely disappointing though. Wasn't until WM2000 on n64 that they got good.

2pacalypsenow1524d ago

At the time Warzone was great it was challenging but it was great.

jrshankill1524d ago

Warzone was clunky as hell. Good roster but questionable game play. I would rather play WM Arcade game or In Your House than Warzone.