The Witness Gets New Patch On PC, Developer Working On Solving Motion Sickness Inducing Issues

WCCFT: The Witness has finally been released this week on PC and PlayStation 4 after a rather long wait and players all over the world are finally able to complete the many puzzles included in the game by Jonathan Blow and his team Thekla. The game's launch has gone smoothly for the most part, but the game did suffer from some minor issues that have been fixed with a new patch that has been made available on PC a few hours ago.

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Perjoss1521d ago

I'm really loving the game but I do hope they patch in a slider for look sensitivity on consoles, there doesn't seem to be anyway to increase the really low default setting. Turning around is very slow and can be annoying in closed spaces.

thekhurg1521d ago

Agreed. Would really like a sensitivity slider.

dillhole1519d ago

I have a weird feeling Jonny Blow is probably a bit set on it being a certain speed. It just seems like something he would be adamant about.

Relientk771521d ago

Wow new patch already? That was fast. Impressive they can make a patch that fast.

bleedsoe9mm1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

i'm hoping the ps4 fix gets done very soon . the game looks very good but it made me too sick , which is the 1st time I've ever had a game make me sick

goathouse7741520d ago

I did feel a little queasy one time when I was sitting nose-to-nose with my TV. The biggest improvement they could make, for me, would be to add a slider for turn speed. It's a little slow. That's really the only fault I can find with game after sinking tens of hours.