New Open World Conan Game Announced, Coming to PC First and then Consoles: First Screenshots, Teaser

Funcom announced today Conan Exiles, a new open world survival game set in the Conan the Barbarian universe.

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bixxel1524d ago

It's also both single player and online multiplayer-

Abriael1524d ago

The press release says it's "first and foremost" multiplayer. I kinda wonder what that means.

TheCommentator1523d ago

Crush the enemy, see them driven before you, and have the lamentation of the women... by yourself or with friends!

xer01524d ago

I really want this game to be good.

The fantasy world of Conan was fascinating, but not fully explored in film or game.

zombiewombie1524d ago

I'm a bit confused by "survival". Do they mean like wave based hoard mode-ish or do they mean like Ark and Day Z?

zombiewombie1523d ago

Ugggh, we'll that just kills the hype for me. :/

Bdub20001523d ago

Give it some time... I just started Ark, hated it because of the graphics and glitches. Played with my friends for a while anyways, and now I'm completely hooked. Conan game that is Ark style might be really cool.

bunt-custardly1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Do we get to rescue the topless fine maidens from their demise again or will the SJWs have their way?

ColonelHugh1523d ago

Conan and the Cult of The Feminists!

Tsar4ever011524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

If the game world isn't designed off the Robert E. Howard novels, I'm not interested. Screw all the comics, graphic novels and movies. If you want to truly know Conan, read all the R.Howad Novelizations, it'll really change your prospectives on his character.

Austin481524d ago

I hope the main focuse is story driven. And single player.

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