For DONTNOD and 'Life Is Strange', music takes video games to the next level - The Toledo Blade

Music is the glue that holds video games together.

Imagine the first stage of Super Mario Bros. without its famous music. How much does The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time change without the soundtrack? Beautiful art design and engaging gameplay are important, but both elements fail without the correct music.

Gaming and music are irrefutably entwined. The greatest games of all time lose their personality without their soundtracks to act as an emotional tether. Music also serves as a gameplay element, signaling players to changes in the game world or signs of danger and safety.

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kraenk121528d ago

One of the best soundtracks in gaming history to my ears.

shammgod1528d ago

I hope this is a is extremely important in video games and even more important how and when it is presented. Just another aspect DONTNOD nailed.

Great game and soundtrack