Dragon Quest Heroes II introduces new protagonists

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has first details on the new protagonists of Dragon Quest Heroes II, as well as information on new supporting characters and the world which the game is set.

All five characters introduced this time were designed by Dragon Quest series character designer Akira Toriyama.

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Majin-vegeta1528d ago

Sweet cant wait.Still playing the 1st one.just hope they pick up the running speed a bit.

Relientk771528d ago

Yeah I hope you can run faster in the new one

TomatoDragon1528d ago

I just finished the first one last night. Loved it. Put over 60 hours in.

bangoskank1528d ago

Didn't buy the first because there is no co-op(?).
Fortunately it will be added in this one.

ctorretta1528d ago

Oh yeah? That was my biggest complaint with the first one - it was dying for co-op. If this one has co-op, it would be a first day buy for me!

Lonnie181528d ago

It really didn't need co-op in my opinion, but if they add it that would be interesting. Spent over 100 hours getting the platinum for this one, loved the extra boss challenges.

bangoskank1528d ago

I'd love to play local co-op with my girlfriend or friends. Not enough games have that anymore. I used to have a blast playing games like that with my friends growing up.

Lonnie181528d ago

How about Lego games, they all have two player action.

bangoskank1527d ago

Couldn't get into those.