Nintendo Seen Likely to Launch Hand-Held Device This Year

TOKYO-- Nintendo Co. is likely to release a new hand-held game device this year, an analyst at U.S. research firm IHS Inc. said on Thursday, strengthening a market view that the videogame company’s new system, code-named NX, will include a portable machine.

“We expect a small recovery in shipments of flat-panel displays for game devices because of Nintendo’s new game hardware expected to be released in 2016,” said Hiroshi Hayase, a senior principal analyst at IHS Technology, part of IHS, at the firm’s display forum held in Tokyo.

The research firm expects shipments of displays sized between 3.1-inches and 5.0-inches wide to increase to 16.5 million units this year, up from 14.1 million units last year. OLED displays would remain unused by the market players, the data show.

David Gibson, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities, wrote in a recent report that he expects “a portable NX” to be launched in November, at a price range between $200 and $300.

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parentoftheyear1526d ago

I want Nintendo to wow me with thier announcement hopefully within a few months. I will only be making 1 major gaming purchase this year, have my eyes on psvr, but I am very open to Nintendos console if it seems promising. Very excited to see the concept. Having skipped the wii u, i missed out on a few games I would have liked to play.

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Geobros1526d ago

I am happy with my 3DS, I don't believe that Nintendo fans need a handheld atm.

ninsigma1526d ago

Especially when they just released a revision with better specs. A lot of people would have upgraded to that and it would be annoying if they released a brand new hand held now. Yes I'm talking about myself xD

ABizzel11525d ago

It's silly to launch a successor / replacement to the product you have on the market that sales the best, has the best software attachment of your two offerings, and is nothing but pure profit on top of that.

This is Nintendo in that same old Japanese mindset IMO. 3DS sales have dropped, that's without question, but it's much more profitable than the Wii U and doing significantly better than Wii U at retail.

On top of that mobile hardware leaps EVERY 1 - 2 year(s). We had Tegra X1 & Snapdragon 820, developed last year, and they'll be entering several mobile devices in 2016, both of which are floating around the 500 GFLOP mark. The successors to these devices are being developed in 2016 with a 2017 launch which will make SD 820 and Tegra X1 viable options for Nintendo's handheld in 2017.

Allegedly the main selling point of the NX handheld is the new camera, since the console is suppose to be AR ready when it launches, which could be cool if it works with Amiibo's I guess (though I'm not into collecting them at all). And it gives them their niche and a venue to challenge VR and steal some of the AR spotlight before MS can do anything with it considering the cost of HoloLens, and especially since AR use has been minimal in 3DS / Vita beside a few tech demo level apps and games.

Trolltroll1525d ago

Comparatively the 3ds is not selling well
3DS: 60mil
DS: 40 mil

Smartphones shrunk their market share and they are trying to get that back with new hardware.

I'm not even going to post smart phone sales.

ABizzel11525d ago


And comparatively to the Wii the Wii U is on life support, and even when compared to the 3DS which has outsold it 5:1. The 3DS however is still selling over around 8m units each year. Wii U has never seen half those sales annually.

I understand the logic of new hardware to bring new and potentially more consumers, but you don't cut off your product that's still selling to nearly 10m gamers each year when you can replace the one that hasn't broke 4m annual sales since launch.

And as I said, the longer they wait with mobile the better, because mobile hardware evolves every year and leaps every 2 years, with large discounts on that older generation hardware.

PC hardware (which is what the consoles are now), evolves every year incrementally, and leaps every 3 years, and discounts pricing significantly slower than mobile.

Which basically means a NX console launching in 2017 is going to be incrementally more powerful than a NX launching in 2016, and still cost about the same.

A NX handheld launching in 2017 is going to be a leap ahead of an NX launching in 2016, because the 2016 product lines are just now getting the best mobile tech from that was developed in late 2015, and it will be a large performance jump with a minor price increase.

Overall it just doesn't make sense, and Nintendo needs to get out of that tradition mindset, yes it's comforting to know when to count on something, but when things aren't working. The biggest problem needs to be fixed first and that's the Wii U.

Trolltroll1525d ago

I'm with you Wii Us future looks bleak. The Wii u did not impress and that leads to less returning customers. The 3DS however have people lining up for its successor.

Also the gpu and cpu are already set and are unlikely to change with developing tech. They aim at future specs when they plan consoles. And when has Nintendo used cutting edge tech for their products?

wonderfulmonkeyman1526d ago

Another arm-chair analyst shares a prediction.
Surprise surprise.

I'm not going to "expect" anything about the NX's form.
That way I'll be surprised no matter what they do.

What I care about is more focused around the opening line-up of games.

MoveTheGlow1526d ago

Man, I was really hoping for ONE system, both handheld and home console. However, if the handheld and the console have the exact same architecture with just some uprezzing tech in the console, that works.

All I care about is Nintendo making it commercially viable for companies to make a game for their systems. When third-parties make Nintendo-only stuff, it's often wonderful, but the split market between 3DS and WiiU makes it difficult for them to justify one or the other. A game doesn't need "The 3DS version" and a very differently-coded or badly-ported "The WiiU version," or vice versa. It should only need the Nintendo version.

traumadisaster1526d ago

I hope they figure it out but right now it just sounds like a mess. History is not on their side based on previous products.

They do have the one hit wonder that they will probably never replicate, but it would be so nice to see them mop the floor with the competition.

Culturally I think they are in trouble due to my generation losing interest with mario etc and I'm not pushing mario much to my kids. Therefore they won't have an attachment to their characters like we did. That is trouble down the line.

Wallstreet371526d ago

Ive tried to push Mario to my 8 year old but idk it just doesnt have the power it use to. My son does not really enjoy Mario games on his Wiiu or 3Ds, instead till this day he spends hours playing Little Big Planet or Minecraft. I think it has to do with the availability of more complex, innovative and diverse games centered around kids. My son tends to take a game like that over regular platformer, although he does love Rayman.

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