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Tin Salamunic: PC Specs when testing Rise of the Tomb Raider: GeForce GTX 970 (361.75 Driver Version), Intel i7 6700k (4.00GHz), 8GB RAM. Settings to achieve 1080p/60fps: Everything on HIGH except dynamic foliage/MEDIUM, sun soft shadows on (not high), purehair off, Bloom off, motion blur off, vignette blur off, screen effects off (grain, dirt, blood splatter on screen) and AA/FXAA. Even with these settings, there are occasional fps drops in certain areas.

Every long-running franchise has one defining title by which all entries in the series are measured by. After nearly twenty years of several highs and lows, the new Rise of the Tomb Raider is without a doubt the best Tomb Raider entry to date, and possibly the best third-person adventure since Uncharted. Crystal Dynamics should be applauded for setting a new standard for how to handle sequels. Everything that made the original reboot great has been refined, polished and tweaked to perfection. Moreover, every possible complaint has been addressed, resulting in a beautifully-paced experience with breathtaking environments, strong characters, and most importantly, a ton of puzzle-filled tombs. Rise of the Tomb Raider was excellent when it launched on the Xbox One a few months ago, but on the PC, it’s an absolute masterpiece.

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