Destiny Player Finds Creative and Funny Way to Take Down a Strike Boss

Game Rant:

A Destiny player creatively takes down one of this week’s Nightfall strike bosses solo, sending a Psion Flayer flying off the map with just one shot.

Every week in Destiny, many of the activities reset. One of which is the Weekly Nightfall Strike, which is a high level, non-matchmade strike that gives higher level loot as a reward. This week’s Nightfall is The Dust Palace Strike, a strike that ends with an encounter against three Cabal Psion Flayers, each of a different damage archetype.

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corroios1533d ago

Coool. lol. Very nice indeed, but it not fair to the

GrimDragon1533d ago

I guess when there's not much to do you have to be creative :/

kayoss1533d ago

This is the best thing ive seen so far regarding Destiny. LOL