Are the Star Wars Battlefront DLC Plans Enough to Keep You Coming Back?

This week Dice have finally released the plans (no Bothans died) for upcoming DLC, new maps, missions, and more. With four content packs being released over the next 12 months, we ask is this enough to keep players coming back or will they get distracted by story driven narratives elsewhere?

In Our news section the Sparks discuss the various NX articles that have the Nintendo rumour and speculation mills churning and we have the free games for February on both PS Plus and Xbox Games with Gold.

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ArchangelMike1520d ago

It's way too little, way too late. The slap in the face is the fact that they are just recycling the same maps, by adding new modes.

_-EDMIX-_1520d ago

I mean.... so you're just disregarding this is how post-launch content releases anyway? Do you really think that stopping people from purchasing the season pass for Battlefield 4? Or call of duty? Or really any game?


The game released only a few months ago and EA is talking about supporting this through 2017 I'm a bit doubtful they won't get the support for that content.

Recycling maps? When did you see this year's content?

Relientk771520d ago

Not gonna happen, that content should have been in the game from the start.

Grave1520d ago

Nope. Game is lots of flash and little substance.

conanlifts1520d ago

I played the beta and enjoyed it. Got the game and was fed up after another 5 hours play. Good Game initially but gets boring quickly.

ShadowKing-1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

but people still keep going back to COD when they do the exact thing, EVERY YEAR. lol

i think gamers just don't know what they want anymore, or way to spoiled to the point no matter how much any gaming company does, its just not enough and you wonder why gaming is so out of whack

The_KELRaTH1520d ago

one thing that is different is with Cod's theres quite a lot of items to upgrade / modify while in BF Battlefront most upgrades were collected within a very short time.

There were more Starwars like upgrades etc in BF2142 (ie. projection image of you) and if you ever played the BF1942 mod Galactic conquest - well it was just huge with 50+ maps including space combat - so much closer to the full Starwars theme.

Aenea1520d ago

Yeah but I don't count those COD collectible things 'more content' if I'm totally honest. I like to play COD too, BF4 too, but never really went for 'must unlock everything!' bit.

These, and Battlefront, are just games I like to start up and shoot for an hour or 2 at a time and then go do something else. Either another game or nothing game related at all...

Add in that I'm a Star Wars fan and Battlefront has been good for me...

CorndogBurglar1520d ago

Its kind of hard to compare the two when CoD has way more weapons and they are all heavily modifiable. Not to mention way more maps. Its easy to see why CoD or Battlefield would keep someone's interest that likes those games.

Don't get me wrong. I liked Battlefront. It just didnt have enough to keep me interested, and that makes me very sad.

Battlefront had 12 weapons i believe? I mean come on.

_-EDMIX-_1520d ago

I don't know if I agree with that gamers in this day and age understand what they want to play and vote with their wallets this on the genres they enjoy.

I no longer play the Call of Duty series but I cannot truthfully say that they're doing the same exact thing clearly they have a formula and a concept as any genre is going to have clearly they're doing something different enough but familiar enough to keep that same install base returning.

Gaming is not "out of whack" it is in the greatest spot is ever been in the industry thus far. Record software and hardware sales show otherwise.

I don't even understand the ignorant argument about Call of Duty existing somehow means nothing else does.

25 million or so will like call of duty again clearly they're doing something unique enough looks familiar enough to maintain and install base but the entire industry is not solely made up of those 25 million.

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The story is too old to be commented.